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Our Mission

IMPACT Services and Public Relations is dedicated to providing reliable and creative services in fields of communications, media services, public relations, and events management. IMPACT hires the best team to provide the best services without any compromises. 



IMPACT Services and Public Relations agency was founded in 2010 in Ramallah by a group of young graduates. IMPACT builds long-term relation with its clients and works with them closely to ensure that the provided services respond effectively to their needs. IMPACT provides creative and innovative communication planning from start to finish. Our professional team is well experienced in giving the right services in the right format and right time. Our clients see us as an extension of their own teams.

IMPACT is a full-service integrated house that conducts both small-scale and large-scale projects from events management to public relations to communication support. Our methodology and approach are always tailored to client needs, objectives and budgets. IMPACT is working with local and international clients in Palestine offering a wide range of reliable services. IMPACT looks to go above and beyond what other agencies are doing and has set the standard for the best services. IMPACT is considered one of the fastest-growing communication agencies in Palestine, producing some of the most recognizable and successful events.

The Success of our Clients:

IMPACT team thoroughly discusses tasks and duties needed with clients and helps in refining their objectives through providing recommendations to achieve a successful implementation of tasks. Our teams use their diverse experience in developing the best proposals to fit clients’ needs and budget.  

We are a Trusted Resource:

IMPACT is aware of the importance of reliable human and technical resources as we are committed to providing the highest quality in our products and services. We use cutting edge tools and methods in delivering our services. IMPACT maintains strict confidentiality on all its projects unless agreed upon otherwise with the client.

We take it personally:

IMPACT has established a team of distinguished experts and professional employees who are equipped with solid training, skills, and experience to advise on and execute the full range of services. When you work with IMPACT, you have a dedicated team assigned to your account consisting of an account manager, marketing support staff, and a creative team. This team helps you execute your strategy and deliver the services you need to achieve your goals.

IMPACT Does It All:

When it comes to communication and public relations services, we do it all. Our integrated agency has all the required expertise in house. You won’t find a more holistic approach that our approach. IMPACT has a unique experience in conducting in all its field of service. Once you hire IMPACT, you can count on full range agency that ensures a professional outcome.

Areas of expertise

IMPACT expertise covers local and regional markets in the following fields:

-  Communications

-   Media Services

-   Public Relations

-   Events Management