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IMPACT provides strategic communication support to both private and nonprofit organizations. We believe high touch rules! Our team develops external and internal communication strategies that broaden reach and expand organizational impact. Helping you build solid relationships and industry positioning. Through close collaboration, we guide your critical conversations and build online and offline presence. We help you develop and execute communications and external relations plans in support of your priority partnerships, policies and philosophies.

Knowledge and experience are powerful! We’ll collaborate to craft a unified strategy based on evidence-based best practices and methodologies, applying lesson learned and the wisdom of key stakeholders. Our goal is to align your communications outreach practices with your organizational or brand objectives, business goals and overall strategy.


Communication technologies are rapidly evolving, driving a movement to on-line conversations and use of mobile technologies.  Social media is increasingly empowering individuals, communities and organizations to be able to both produce and consume content. Social media permits wider (or more targeted) geographic reach, greater audience penetration, and rapid real-time information exchange. The result is greater situational awareness, rapid reporting and effective decision-making.


IMPACT is expert in integrating and implementing social media strategies. Facebook, Twitter and other “game changers” such as data visualization are core to our outreach, especially to unique populations groups, ages and geographical locations. We strategically and tactically expand your online presence. Building you as a thought leader. Evaluating and monitoring for course corrections if needed.


Community, corporate or customer—every audience is unique.  Our strength is our commitment to outreach that embraces diversity and inclusiveness. We help create messages and products to grow your presence, build awareness in key, targeted constituencies. Using socio-culturally appropriate strategies, languages and distribution approaches, IMPACT integrates new and traditional approaches to assist you in being relevant to your target audiences.


 We guide you through the design and implementation of effective, socially sensitive outreach—whether it is built upon traditional approaches or based on mobile technologies.  Addressing such issues as culture and gender, our team is especially dedicated to empower you to reach those considered high risk, vulnerable and have special needs.